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Y'know what would have been Awesome?!?

Yeah, it's a shoddy job. But it's still awesome.

Movie Madness

First things first:

Batman? Fuckin' Awesome.

Phew! OK, back to the crappy photoshops. On topic, even!

If you saw the movie (and really, I want to be your friend.. don't make it so difficult, yo), you'll love this one...

Hah! Hahahaha!!! I crack me up!
It was a good trick...


Random thought:

(Though, by God, it's a doozy!)

You know who should team up with Booster Gold in his "Criss-crossing the DC universe" time travel adventures? You know who should be in many, many issues of that series? You know who would bring that perfect touch of comedy while traipsing though the vast DC history?

This guy:

You want it, I want it.

You HEAR US GIFFEN?!?! Make it happen!!

Lying Down on the Job

Batman's a Goddamn Hardass when it comes to crime-fighting.

And uppity dames.

Handgun SwitchAroo!

Good Grief! What the hell is wrong with me?!? I swear ... What a Lame Joke!

(Hahaha! *ZING!!*)

N.E.X.T.W.A.V.E: Agents of H.O.S.T.E.S.S.

Because Anonymous demanded it!

(It would link him, but ... well, he's incognito...)

Clicky for Biggies.

This whole pie thing? Getting to be a theme.

Me likey.

How World War Hulk *Should* End: Part IV!

Because No-One Demanded It!!

I'm gonna be sad when this all wraps up, lemme tell you...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
How WWH will most likely end

(Clicky Most for Hulk-Sized)

Pie for Everyone!

How World War Hulk *Should* End: Part III!

These are hella fun!

Part 1
Part 2
How WWH will most likely end

Click either panel to Hulkify

Now it's time for a Popsicle! And a beer.

Beersicle? Hmmm....

Zee Zee Zee...

And now... Jimmy Olsen and Power Girl. A passion play in 10 panels:


I think I outdid myself with this one. But it took *way* too long to clean up the background stuff. Hopefully, this will be old hat soon. Still, The expressions against the dialog are great.

I love it when I can make myself laugh with my crappy juvenile photoshop jokes...

BTW: ... I actually used that old bar joke to get a bar girl's phone number last week. Works brilliantly. My gift to you all. Use it wisely.

How World War Hulk *Will* End

Part two of two.

Click? Hulk-Sized.
The Buildings! O NOES!

I wish this scenario wasn't in the back of my mind.

How World War Hulk *Should* End

First in a series of two.

Clicky For Hulk-Sized. You really need to.

... Sometime Later ...

This may be the greatest thing I've done thus far...

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two!

Just a Still Town Girl on a Saturday Night

I just finished Countdown #47. You know, the one with the Mary Marvel exploding boobie cover? Yeah, well aside from that, something was real familiar with it to my (albeit, very strange and easily distracte... Hey! Hiya, puppy!) head. It reminded me of something else.. couldn't quite place it, but something real familiar...

Figured it out:

Dance! Dance your little Steel-Town Heart out! Dance, I say!

Surprised it didn't come to me sooner...

I just realised that my third sentence implies that I've encountered exploding boobies before now. I'm not taking it back.

Bonus - Behind the Scences: My first attempt at the funny was an off-panel PETA member throwing blood on her for wearing leather. This one's much better.

(I crack myself up, sometimes.)

(Yeah, I could've spent another hour prettying up the water in the shower down part, but that body spash effect took *way* too long by itself. Also, I thought about adding lyrics, musical notes, a tossed back chair, etc. But, eh.. you'll get the joke as it is now or you wouldn't at all.)

EDIT: Awww.. screw it.. added the lyrics. Even better now.

Dinosaurs Make Everything Better






Lollersaurs. I iz ginuz.