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Frank "Feelin' Good" Miller Monday

Well, it's been a helluvva week .. and things were really gettin' me down until recently. I was seriously in a funk for a while, there. Life was beatin' me up, man! Sorry about the lack of posts - my heart just wasn't in it.

But.. as it turns out.. some things end up being blessings in disguise! And everything is now coming up sunny side! That menacing storm cloud overhead ended up bursting and showering me with delicious, delicious Prozac-filled Care Bears. Or something. Anyway, let's all dance!

I'm feeling much better now. VA-VOOM!

- Joke furthered from a brief conversation with SexyNerdGirl as we watched that crap-fest Daredevil movie:

"So, where is this whole Bullseye / Elektra story from, comic wise?"

"It was one of Frank Miller's early works."

"Wait... wait... ... Frank "Goddamn" Miller?!?"

"Yep. Didn't quite capture the mood of his writing, did they?"

"Ben Affleck wouldn't know 'Gritty' if it bit him in the Goddamn ass."

(Panel stolen from an Adam scan over at CMNS.)

Smiles, everyone!

'Bout Time!

Yep, it's finally finished! And it looks like everything's working spiffily, too! Sorry about the posting delay, but I feel much, MUCH better about how things are running now. Hey, if I'm gonna re-do everything, I'm gonna do it right! That's the least that my expensive fancy-pants CS degree can do for me!

The downside is that I spent so much time re-configuring the computer itself that I just didn't have the time to revamp the blog like I've been meaning to. It's had pretty much the same layout since I started it, and I really want to get me one of them new-fangled title bars, browser icons, update the links and the like. Maybe for Christmas...

Anyhoo, regular posting should be more or less ongoing at this point! Well, up until the holiday break, anyway. Come to think of it, I'll probably use that week for blog maintainence, since I'm off work and all..

So, without further apologies on my part, on with the Goddamn photoshop jokes! And what better place to start than messing with this gem, courtesy of everyone's favorite Goddamn writer:

That is a thing of Goddamn beauty right there. I mean, seriously - read it out loud. Go on. Beautiful, isn't it? In fact, as much grief as this series (rightly) gets, I can give you one absolute Goddamn reason you should own it - if you read the dialog out loud in your best Mickey Spillane voice, your girlfriend will explode with laughter and beer will shoot out of her nose, and I gotta tell you, instigating something like that is worth $2.99 every 6 months or so! Such is the power of Frank Miller: Wordsmith!

Of course, all things can be improved with a little creative 'shopping! Let's start with the introspective:

And now, the classics:

The regret:

The strangely appropriate:

And this. Because I love you Guys:

Let's end with a lesson:

This is fun! If you wanna play at home, here's the blank.

And again, thanks to everyone for the well-wishing and "quit being lazy and get back to posting, you twat!"'s It's really spiffy to be missed!

Whelp, now that this is done, I'm off to drink beer play with my brand new X-Mass Wii. (giggle!) I expect to be up a bit late. Don't wait up!

(Special thanks to SexyNerdGirl for some of the suggestions. And for putting up with me in general. And for losing graciously during the Wii games later tonight.)

I know it's just me...

...but I'm really loving All-Star Batman. Goddamn!

Click for Biggie Goddamn Size

Bless you, Frank Miller!

When Comics Collide!

Oh, no ... he didn't!

Bill Watterson
Frank Miller

That was funnier that I thought it would be.. hee hee!