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From the "Not seen it yet, but judging it on the new trailers" Dept.

(And, yes, I know.. I'm hoping *far* too much for this movie. And trailers are trailers.)

..If Batman somehow had "magical" powers worked into his origin?

Yeah.. he wouldn't be so interesting, would he?

EDIT: (Added the latest video) Wow. It's gonna be worse than I thought.

Oooh.. That Hurt

Always Remember ...

Jonah Hex

Knows Funny.

Seriously. Hex threw a rattler at the dude's junk. Hardcore.

Weekend Wrap-up

Things that made me happy this week:

Jack gives Hydra a Wet Willie.

J.H. Williams, with an easy throw-away detail of him eating, draws one of the best Jonah Hex character moments I've seen in a while. I mean.. Euggh!

Mr. Popular drew this. Total awesomeness a Go-Go!

I bought a Giant-Size Jimmy Olsen in which this actually happens for only a buck. And it's not the craziest thing that happens in it. Not by a long shot.

Season 2, Bout 4 tomorrow night! The Roller Girl's very own Devil's Darlings vs. those doomed-before-it-starts B-Town Battalion!

Oh .. and we're expecting several inches of snow tonight. Contrary to popular belief, it really doesn't snow much here in Boise. Surrounding area? Yeah. In the city proper? Not so much. So.. looking forward to that.

(It's actually quite funny early in the morning when I let the dogs out to do their business after a nightly snowfall.. they run full tilt outside, then stop suddenly in the middle of the yard, look around confused then back at me with an expression like, "Did YOU do this?!?")

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

By the way... The devil girl in the Darling's logo? Yeah, that's Bettie.


Hey Kids! Guess what's coming up this weekend! Halloween! Yay! Let's try for a theme week! Why the hell not...

Know your neighbors! Stay safe!

*Yes, Peeps Spooky Cats exist. They're yummy.

An Awesome Cooke

Darwyn Cooke is awesome.

(Oh! And congratulations to Sally for winning some of his original artwork! Well deserved, girl!)

Darwyn Cooke drawing Jonah Hex is ... well, ... awesom-er! Check out this absolutely gorgeous Jonah Hex image... you'd almost read right past it, it's camouflaged so well among the rest of the greatness.

Yes! Well done, sir!

Also in this issue, we have our obligatory Jonah Hex: Badass panel:

Jonah Hex: Babysitter for Hire!

Jonah Hex: Master of Disguise!

OK, I might have messed with that last one. A bit.

(And apparently, we also have Jonah Hex: The Chosen One, based on his scar there. Muggles beware!)

The Green, the Bear, and the Hideously Scarred

Wowsers, was Jonah Hex ever good this week! As usual. It always is. Jus' sayin'.

And as a bonus - teasers to some of DC's upcoming projects were cleverly hidden throughout the issue!

See ...?

Man, I can't wait!

(Some scans lifted from Siskoid, a man who may actually be looking forward to AB's return more than me!)

Jonah Hex #31: Life Lessons

Another month, another fantastic issue of everyone's favorite BadAss: Jonah Hex. A few things to mention. Because some people never learn.

Jonah Hex will not hide behind a mask. Fact is, he does not like them very much. Do not make him wear one.

Furthermore, do not try to shoot Jonah Hex with his own gun. It will not go well and you will only have yourself to blame for the inevitable consequence.

Told you so.

And finally, if Jonah Hex allows you to survive this far, don't be smug about it. Seriously.

*sigh* They never learn.

No Sprinkles!

This one's pretty self-explanatory.

And I'm still kinda concerned as to how my mind comes up with these things while reading what was an otherwise fantastic issue of a seriously great comic series.

Click any for Biggies

Do not deny Jonah Hex his morning coffee. He gets cranky.

(Sloppy? Yeah, I know. Meh. It's Monday. Now I'm off to put some cream on my dog's fungus.)

Jonah Hex: Badass Week - Addendum

OK, okay.. one more! Because No-one Demanded it!

Now with current events relevancy goodness!

Dear Mr. Hex:

As a former Georgia resident, dog lover, and long-time sports fan, I've been following the recent troubles involving Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick and his dog fighting indictment with much interest. I seem to recall you yourself were once very acquainted with a friendly traveling canine partner, and was wondering what you feel would be a just and proper punishment for Mr. Vick, should these accusations be proven true.


Mr. Folded Soup, Esq.

Dear Soup Fellah:

Yep. Seems fair ta me.

Happy weekend, everyone! Hug your doggies!

Jonah Hex: Badass Week - Finale!

My great love for the Jonah Hex Showcase volume should be obvious by now. Go buy it. Seriously, it's one of the better Showcase collections, and some of the best hard-core western tales you'll read and ... for the cheap! To me, it represents the definitive Jonah.

Meaning: Badass.

Modern day Jonah Hex fans can find his tales being spun in the current monthly Jonah Hex series. This series is the first one since those olden days (no) to really (Hex didn't happen) try to fire (It's a lie) some new life (Didn't happen) into the old (*MahMahMahMahMa....* Not listening...) character. It's fantastic. But after spending a week reading those old stories, it is a bit different. But still fantastic, make no mistake.

A few differences I've noticed:

In several stories of the recent issues of modern Jonah Hex, Hex will find out that the bounty he filled was actually for a good guy who was wrongly framed and the bounty placed on him by said framer. He then takes it upon himself to right that wrong (usually at the behest of victimized maiden) and go after the guy who originally put up the bounty.

The old-school Jonah would never do this. He's not a hero. Actually, he's kind of a dick. Badass yes, but a dick. And he's been paid. The job was done, it's not his place, and most of all: He would never A) Double cross a paid bounty (mentioned several times), and B) Go to that much trouble without a personal slight or payment. Payment being the big decider.

There are also some stories where Hex comes to a random town (not to deliver a bounty, mind you), and notices something wrong. Maybe a corrupt mayor running the town for his own benefit, maybe some criminal hiding out .. whatever. Hex then takes it upon himself (again, usually at the behest of victimized maiden) to clean up the town.

Old school Hex? Wouldn't happen. Moving through. No money, nothing personal, no stake.

And of course, there's the often mentioned villainous plot device of rape in the current series. To me, it's not a problem if it moves the plot along realistically - and if it's used sparingly, which it isn't. If I had to guess, I believe it's used to justify the rationale for Hex to forgo bounties, money, vendettas in order to do the right thing ... you know, all the things that Make Hex Work!


And that's my biggest complaint of this new series: It's trying it's damnest to paint Hex as some kind of good natured roguish bounty hunter. He ain't. Understand this. He's a Badass killer for hire. He's efficient, driven, greedy, a major asshole, destructive, and most of all Selfish! And I mean "Selfish!" in the classical sense: "My needs above all else. Always." Do nothing if it does not benefit me.

Trying to change Hex from the selfish anti-hero to the roguish actual-hero really bothers me. Mind you, it's an asshole badass hero they're going for, but they're still pushing the hero button. Hex is not Han Solo. Hex is more along the lines of Lobo or Sabertooth (Ug.. I actually shuddered at that comparison...) Hex is a Badass selfish bastard. Let's keep it that way.

That's the biggest difference between the Showcase old-school Hex stories and this new incarnation, as far as I see it.

That said...

I freggin' love the new series! Don't get me wrong based on the above - these are some fantastic stories! I routinely will get that same, "Oh, Crap! Hex is gonna slaughter the whole town after that!" feeling, and love the pacing to the unavoidable finish when Hex kicks the crap out of everyone. The art's fantastic, too. Hasn't been a misstep in that area at all. These are mighty fine western stories and, easily in my top 5 weekly lookin' forward to comics in general. You should read.

I re-read a bit of the new series for this, and was re-impressed. Some examples of what I call Old-school Hex from my favorite issue, #5:

Hex arrives. Hex destroys. Bounty pisses him off. Goodness.

One Final Badass Panel:

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *whew* AHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Well, I hope you've enjoyed the very first Theme Week here at The Want List! I'll try to do these sporadically.. or when I get bored with Photoshopping bad jokes. Or whenever.

Tomorrow: Possibly an extra. Now that I've re-read the current run, I think I have one more... maybe. Depends on how the bars treat me tonight... Later!

Ah, Just One More Thing, Sir. (Oh, Crap.)

Jonah Hex: Badass Week will continue after a few words to introduce an observation....

I'm a big fan of the detective show Columbo. Man, that's a great show. The murders are pretty well thought out, there's a palpable sense of tension, and it's real fun watching Columbo slowly unravel the crime until you're sure he knows who did it and you're just waiting for the trap to spring. What makes it even better is that you know who the murderer is from the beginning - the show starts by showing you the crime and coverup as it happens. When Columbo shows up to ask his seemingly insipid questions, you - like the murderer - find yourself asking, "Where's he going with this?" The whole thing is watched from the murderer's point of view; Columbo comes and goes, but the focus is on any additional work the murderer does to try and cover his tracks. Great show.

After watching enough episodes and the subtle, expert unraveling Columbo does to any murder coverup, no matter how devious, I started to empathize with the murderers. I mean, they never have a chance from the moment Columbo first shows up. I watch them kill their victim, go to great pains and elaborate schemes to cover it up - mis-direction, red herrings, phony witnesses, bogus recordings - thinking they've gotten away with murder. Indeed, a lot of them should have, their plots were so watertight. The police arrive to investigate, take statements, establish alibis, sample clues and then they refer you to the chief investigator.

Were I the villain, knowing what I know, this would be my reaction:

Crap! Fuckin' Columbo! I'm so screwed.... Aw, man!

"Alright, Columbo. I'll save you some time: I killed her then wedged her in the car and drove it off the cliff. I probably left a button there. Or a handkerchief. Anyway, that phone call I made at 10:35 was phony, as I was at the docks pushing my wife into the drink. Can I at least say goodbye to my dogs before I go?"

Of course, the murderers never react that way - part of the point of Columbo is that he appears scatterbrained and inept and wholly unable to untangle your devious web. He's fairly anonymous, not really worth noticing, and presents absolutely no threat to solving your crime at first meeting. They don't know him, therefore they don't know they're doomed.

But ... when you realize you're in the gunsights of well-known Badass Jonah Hex? Well, that's a different story....

(We now resume our regularly scheduled programming)

Ol' Jonah is a pretty well traveled guy. He has a reputation that borders on mythic. If you hear your name in the same sentence as Jonah Hex ...? Well, you're in for a world of hurtin' my friend. There are very few stories where Hex actually brings in his bounty alive - and those are paid bounties; nothing personal. God forbid you actually get on his bad side to the point of making it personal.

Let's look at that sinking feeling when you realize it's Jonah (Badass) Hex you've pissed off. And you know exactly what that means.

Watch your step, Y'all.

Tomorrow: Let's close it all out with the Badass current run!

EDIT: Would'ja believe that Photobucket removed my Despair pic immediately above? Dang exposed nipple!

*Sigh* Reposted now with censory goodness.

Jonah Hex: Badass Week Yet Again!

No Most Wanted this week because, even with a new Frank Miller's All-Star Goddamn Batman and Robin it's still not Badass enough to interfere with Jonah Hex week!

On with Day 3! Let the shootout begin!

Yahoo news is announcing that a Jonah Hex movie is on the way. Eventually. You know how these things work. From the writing/directing team of "Crank," it's said to be not a straight-ahead Western, but instead gives the character some "supernatural overtones." This could go either way, I think. It would really worry me if they decided to give the character some "Science-fiction overtones," knowhutimean? Wait and see, hope for the Badass.

Coincidentally, Mike Sterling over at Progressive Ruin also gives us his thoughts on the movie announcement and in a much more thorough way than I could, I should add. But you're no doubt already reading his blog, so you know this.

As long as I'm outsourcing the entries today, allow me to also refer you to The Good Doctor at Polite Dissent and his fantastic medical explanation for Jonah Hex's scarring. It's a real, honest to Badass scarring that makes actual medical sense. And, as I always suspected, his disfigurement could be easily repaired, even with the medical knowledge at the time. But, anyone who really thinks about it will realize that the scar is not a mere physical pretense. Jonah must forever bear that mark. Doc goes into that a bit, too. But you're no doubt already reading his blog, so you know this. And that he uses Britney Spears to demonstrate the whole thing, which is the funny.

And now ... More Badass Hex panels!

Jonah Hex!

Knows how to delegate the labor!

Jonah Hex!


Jonah Hex!

Budgets his money!

Jonah Hex!

Hates salesmen!

Jonah Hex!

(You already know how this one ends.)

Choose wisely!

Jonah Hex!

Will knock you and your brother out using your other brother!
(That is one particularly Badass panel, right there...)

Jonah Hex!

Is secure in his masculinity!

Jonah Hex!

You will like his cooking!

Jonah Hex!

Understands current social issues!

Jonah Hex!

Don't even think about it. Seriously.

Tomorrow: Jonah Hex?! .... Awwww... Fuck!